Dental bonding are safe tooth colored resin material that are placed on top of the natural teeth .and are very strong.
They can repair and restore chipped, stained ,gapped, crooked and broken teeth.

The color of the bonding matches your teeth.

In case your existing teeth are stained and discolored They must be first cleaned, and whitened. Bonding resin does not change color during teeth whitening hence the teeth needs to be whitened first and then bonded.

Dr. Sundaram at Greenway Smiles specialises in bonding for cosmetic teeth corrections and restoring health, beauty and function of the teeth.

How is it done?

The teeth to be bonded is first buffed and a gel is applied to etch the tooth. A clear special resin bonding agent is applied to the tooth and dried. then the tooth colored resin is bonded using a blue colored visible light .The color of the composite material is exactly matched to that of your natural teeth, making it impossible to tell that any work has been done. The bonding is done in layers in order to repeat the exact translucency of the natural teeth. in a artistic manner. The composite resin material is biocompatible and long lasting.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding at Greenway Smiles Saves Money!

We know that keeping your smile looking great is important to you. When discoloration, minor chips, Or Spacing occur, you should not have to deal with a difficult and expensive dental procedure. Here at Greenway Smiles we provide cosmetic bonding to help solve these small issues that will crop up from time to time without the cost of major procedures.

If you have questions about dental bonding, please reach out to us at (571) 222-4243 or email us.




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