Do you or your loved one feel anxious going to the dentist office.

Have you put off visiting the dentist because you get knots in your stomach even about it.

The very idea of getting work done to your teeth overwhelms you.

You are scared a lot of work has to be done as you have been putting off your dental treatment.

Millions of people feel anxiety going to the dentist Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone..

You may feel…

Anticipation of pain Gagging, Sound of the drill whirring Inadequate numbness when dentist works on you Panic attacks You name it. Everything is ready to drive you home


There could be a number of reasons why you feel that way.

One of the main reason is painful dental experiences in the past.

Extreme gagging that makes it impossible to go through dental work.

Dentist gave you Novacaine injection but it did not work and you felt all the pain of the drilling. You asked for more but you were told that you were given enough and you just need to go
through the pain.

We can Help!

Dr Sundaram can help you through sedation During Sedation you are given sedatives and you feel restful. Kind of in a twilight zone.

You are responsive and can say your name if asked. These sedatives help as you mostly do not recall the appointment and the associated sounds.

For some unknow reason you get adequately numb when you are sedated.

The gag reflex is not active during sedation.

Is Sedation Safe?

Dr Sundaram and her team carefully reviews your medical history to ensure you can get Sedation. Certain medication and OTC supplements may

interfere with the sedation. Be sure to inform your Doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take.




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